About David Lamb & Bryant Ductless

David Lamb of Peirce Phelps, publisher of Bryant Ductless to promote mini split installations.

For over 12 years, David Lamb has served as a product manager at the industry-leading HVAC distributor Peirce Phelps. Based in Blue Bell, PA. he develops new lines of  business around the latest most innovative heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. 

David was an early proponent of Web 2.0, using emerging social media platforms, inbound marketing techniques, and other digital media to build online presence for Pierce Phelps. He has initiated numerous consumer-oriented programs to educate homeowners and prospective buyers about new HVAC technology, products, and services.

He also used these tools to expand the company’s contractor network and provide HVAC professionals with education on the latest products and their potential applications. These efforts have resulted in an increase of 150% for his product portfolio.

Bryant Ductless is one of David’s most recent customer-focused platforms. It serves as a single destination for homeowners and property managers who want to increase comfort and reduce utility costs for their homes or commercial spaces.

The platform boasts a vast collection of HVAC insight, data, and advice based on David’s first-hand experience with a range of high-efficiency heat pumps and mini splits. Visitors can take advantage of the interactive map feature to locate reputable HVAC contractors in their vicinity. Every contractor has been vetted as part of the Peirce Phelps network to guarantee superior HVAC installations and services.