Mini Split Provides Perfect Comfort For Newborn In Middletown, DE

Bryant Ductless Mini Split Installation In A Middletown DE Nursery

Problem: New parents in Middletown, DE were concerned about whether their baby’s new nursery would be warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer.

Solution: Installed a single-zone Bryant mini split. It keeps the rooms within one degree of the thermostat setting all the time.



Our expecting parents in Middletown, DE, ran into a problem that none of the baby books seemed to cover: How do you make sure the nursery for your newborn stays at the temperature you want?

For the most part, their home is comfortable — for adults anyway. Sure, there are days when our homeowners wake up a little chilly. Or they wish the AC worked just a little better in certain rooms.

But, now they were thinking about how babies can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults. Nor can they turn on the fan when they’re too hot or put on a sweater if they’re cold.

And as our homeowners worked on the nursery, they couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable room in the house.

They thought about baseboard heaters and maybe a portable AC in the summer. But, none of those options felt quite right. Then, they read about ductless heating and cooling and its benefits. It instantly seemed like the perfect fit!

After speaking with one of our ductless mini split installers, they were ready and excited to get their new system up and running well before the big day.

We’ll talk about that process as we discuss:

  • Heating And Cooling For A Newborn
  • More Benefits Of A Mini Split For A Baby’s Nursery
  • Mini Split Installation In Middletown, DE

Heating And Cooling For A Newborn

What Is Bryant Ductless?

A nursery should stay between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. A newborn’s body won’t regulate its temperature very well for at least the first 11 weeks. As a result, they’re much more sensitive to temperature changes than toddlers or adults.

But, it’s not just a question of making sure they’re always warm! Overheating is also a big problem for babies, especially since they can’t tell you when they’re getting too hot.

So, instead of extra swaddling in the winter or finding the right fan setting in the summer, the best thing to do is keep the temperature as consistent as possible all the time.

That’s something a mini split does better than any conventional HVAC solution — including ductwork and vents.



Precise Comfort In All Seasons

A ductless heat pump runs at various speeds to maintain a constant temperature and stays within a degree or two of the thermostat setting all the time.

It’s much more accurate than baseboard heating or a furnace and central air. Those systems can let the temperature drift up to 10 degrees before kicking on.

Plus, the air handler in the nursery has a built-in thermostat. So, it’s constantly checking the temperature right in the room.

That makes it much more accurate than relying on the thermostat down on the first floor, where it’s often a little warmer or cooler than upstairs.

And, since the same system offers both heating and cooling, our homeowners can leave it running year-round if they want. It will kick in whenever the home’s forced-air system doesn’t do the job.

And, it’s there in the fall and summer, when the weather can snap suddenly between hot and cold days.

More Benefits Of A Mini Split For A Baby’s Nursery

While consistent heating and cooling was the big reason our homeowners went with a mini split, they were also impressed with some of the other benefits it would bring to their nursery:

Whisper-Quiet Operation

With no air rushing through the vents and no loud, window-rattling air conditioner, their baby won’t have their sleep interrupted by the HVAC system. The air handler makes as little noise as people whispering in a library, even at full power.

Advanced Filtration

The air handler also uses a powerful filter to trap dust and dirt in the air. It’s stronger than a standard furnace filter and also more effective. That’s because it screens the air in the room instead of sending it back and forth through the ductwork.

Mini Split Installation In Middletown, DE

The mini split installation in this Middletown, DE home took less than a day. Our installers mapped out a spot on an exterior wall for the air handler. That made it very easy to run the lines from that indoor unit down to the heat pump on the side of the house.

And, this was the finishing touch for the nursery! Since there wouldn’t be much work or a big mess, our homeowners already had the room painted, the furniture set up, and the mobile hanging over the crib.

And they know their baby will be comfortable and happy here very, very soon.

If you’d like to learn more about how a mini-split can make that one room in your home more comfortable, click below to schedule a free consultation.