Mini Split Solves Comfort Problems In Mifflinville, PA Split-Level


Problem: An old furnace and air conditioning unit failed to heat and cool a Mifflinville, PA split-level evenly. It left the family to suffer with hot and cold spots.
Solution: Installed a multi-zoned, mini split heat and cooling system replacing the old system.Family is now enjoying winter warmth and summer cool.

Classic suburban split-level homes offer a lot when it comes to cozy living space. But, they also come with some specific heating and cooling challenges.

Our Mifflinville, PA homeowners experienced this with their split level. The temperature in the lower level would be too warm in the winter while the upstairs was too cool.

Then, in the summer, the upstairs rooms were just too hot.

The old furnace was having trouble keeping up with the heating and cooling demands of their family home, leaving hot and cold spots all over the house depending on the season.

And, working their own fix of adjusting the heat registers – depending on the room – simply did not solve the problem.

Our homeowners scoured the internet looking for solutions and adjustments that they could make to their existing system. They learned that these problems were common in split levels because of the way air circulates — or doesn’t circulate — through the different parts of the house.

Still, no fixes or solutions worked to their satisfaction – until they stumbled upon information about the benefits of a ductless mini split, multi-zoned heating and cooling system.

They had concerns. They needed a whole house solution – not just one or two rooms. But a ductless system sounded like it would fit their needs.

They decided to learn more about ductless mini split heating and cooling and how that might work in their situation. And, once they got the full story, they were ready to schedule their installation!

In their research they itemized things that they needed to know:

  • How Ductless Works
  • Working Around Existing Ductwork
  • Benefits Of Mini Split Heating And Cooling
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation In Mifflinville, PA

Let’s unpack what we need to know. But if you are already convinced and would like a free consultation, click below.

How Ductless Works

As the name implies, ductless mini splits don’t require ductwork to heat and cool your home. While our homeowner’s existing system already had ductwork in place, they wouldn’t need it any more and could even cover the old registers if they wanted.

By contrast, the ductless system is a highly efficient design that “splits” the heating and cooling function into two compact components.

Outside you have the heat pump, which is responsible for moving heat into your home in the winter and out of it in the summer.

In that way, it works similarly to the standard AC condenser units that you see outside of houses. Except, it also works in “reverse” to bring warmth into the house in winter.

Inside, you’ll see air handlers in one or more rooms, depending on your customized design. Each of these indoor units brings air into the room, warms or cools it, and then recirculates it.

That’s different from a traditional system where the air is sent all the way to your furnace and central air in the basement and then all the way back up.

The genius behind ductless is that flexible piping with refrigerant liquid runs in a closed loop between the indoor and outdoor units. Heat warms or cools the liquid, and that heat travels between the two components.

The result? Moving heat without moving air — which means no need for ductwork and vents.

Working Around Existing Ductwork

Split level homes are notoriously difficult to heat. The semi-open floor plan and short staircases funnel heat to the upper floors in the summer. But with the mini split, heat and cooled air are custom-delivered to each room according to its need.

And, instead of rerouting existing ductwork or installing new lines in this Mifflinville, PA home, the ductless mini split installers were able to run the flexible piping through the walls.

The piping linked the outdoor heat pump to the individual air handlers. Inside, all you see are the air handlers mounted on a few walls throughout the house. They’re high up and can blend into each room’s decor.

More Benefits of Mini Split Heating and Cooling

Besides the unquestioned comfort mini split homeowners enjoy, there are added benefits.

  • Custom Temperature in Every Room
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Control

Customized Temperature In Every Room

Each air handler has a built-in thermostat. That means our homeowners can set each part of the house to a different temperature. Our homeowners especially enjoyed this option in the summer. They can keep their bedroom at night without cooling the entire house when everyone’s asleep!

Quiet Operation

With no air rushing through the house and without any window AC units to rattle around clicking on and off all the time, there is virtually no sound coming from this ductless system. That is a benefit that you can enjoy four seasons of the year!

Easy to Control

The mini split system is supported by an app that lets our homeowner change the temperature whenever they want and from wherever they are! Going on vacation and forgot to adjust the thermostat? No problem! Simply make the adjustment on your phone or tablet – anywhere you have internet or wifi service

Ductless Mini Split Installation in Mifflinville, PA

The Mifflinville installation went beautifully as laid out. Since our homeowners had decided to replace their old furnace/central air system with a Bryant mini split ductless system, installation took only a couple of days.

The installation was clean and neat with the ductless mini split installers taking extra care to avoid disrupting the family routine.

Plus, there were added benefits that made this installation attractive. Generous rebates offered by the manufacturer, Bryant, as well as PPL rebates helped to make this a more affordable alternative to forced air heat. The cost of a ductless system was within their reach.

Now this homeowner is enjoying quiet, custom heating and cooling designed to fit their needs. And you can too!

To learn more about how mini splits technology can solve your heating and cooling needs, simply click below to schedule our free consultation.