Mini Split Solves Heat & AC Problems In Oil-Heated Ardmore, PA Home

Mini Split Solves Heat & AC Problems In Oil-Heated Ardmore, PA Home

Problem: An Ardmore, PA family with an older home was dependent on oil for heating and window air conditioning units for cooling. Their home didn’t have ductwork. The price of oil heat and the inconvenience of window air conditioners got them thinking about alternatives.
Solution: Replaced the oil heat and windows ACs with a multi-zone mini split heat and cool system. The system heats and cools the entire home without ductwork.

Oil heat was once a bargain. No more! So, what do you do when you own an older home dependent on oil and radiators for heat and window units for air conditioning? That is the problem that our Ardmore, PA homeowners faced with their much beloved home.

These homeowners felt squeezed, but selling the house to buy a more modern home was not an option. They loved their neighborhood and the history behind their house. And conversion to forced air would involve construction to install ductwork and be a huge mess and disruptive.

All of the “stop-gap” measures they had put in place to make their home more comfortable, like extra fans and space heaters, didn’t really work. And they could not bear the thought of one more summer with loud window air conditioners and rooms that were still too hot.

Instead of going through all of the mess of major construction to install ductwork, our homeowners did their research and took a different route. Instead, they chose to heat and cool their home with a multi-zone ductless mini split heating and cooling system.

The installation would be faster and less messy than a traditional forced-air heating and cooling system. Plus, they would have greater control over the temperatures in each room, maximizing comfort.

In this case study, we’ll explore:

  • How Ductless Works
  • Avoiding Ductwork and Vents With a Mini Split
  • More Benefits Of Mini Split Heating And Cooling
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation in Ardmore, PA

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How Ductless Works

As the name implies, ductless mini splits don’t require ductwork to heat or cool your home. Because our Ardmore family had an older home with no pre-existing ductwork, a mini split proved to be their best option.

But, with zero ductwork involved, how can it treat an entire home?

The answer is in the name: “mini split”.

These systems are “split” between indoor and outdoor components that work together to provide you with heat and cool whenever you need it. Outside you have the heat pump, which is responsible for moving heat into your home in the winter and out of it in the summer.

In that way, it works similarly to the standard AC condenser units that you might see outside houses. Except it has the added capability to work in “reverse,” bringing warmth into the house in winter.

Inside the house are air handlers that suck in air from the room and warms it or cools it – whatever is called for – and then recirculates it. You’ll install one in each part of the house you want to treat.

The efficiency is amazing! No need for a furnace to heat the air or an air conditioner to cool it.

The indoor and outdoor components work together using flexible piping with refrigerant liquid running in a closed loop between the two units. Heat warms or cools the liquid and travels between the components through the hidden piping.

Avoiding Ductwork and Vents With a Mini Split

No one needs to suffer because their older house was built with old technology like radiators or boilers. The advantage of a mini split is that it can treat the entire home without the the need for expensive ductwork installation.

Instead, the ductless mini split installers simply run flexible piping through the walls – a far less invasive option than running ductwork. All anyone sees is the air handlers mounted on a few walls around the house.

It’s a far more attractive option than a wall mounted or window air conditioner.

More Benefits Of Mini Split Heating And Cooling

Eliminating their oil heat bill was not the only benefit this homeowner enjoyed by installing a mini split:

  • Customized Temperature In Every Room
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Control

Customized Temperature in Every Room

No more fighting over the thermostat. Each air handler has a built-in thermostat, which means our homeowners can set each part of the house to a different temperature.

Quiet Operation

With virtually no air rushing through the system and no need for noisy air conditioners, our homeowners will enjoy the same winter quiet that they have always enjoyed — with the added benefit of a summer without loud air conditioners.

Easy To Control

The mini split system is supported by an app that lets our homeowner change the temperature whenever they want and from wherever they may be. Going on vacation and forgot to adjust the thermostat? No problem! Simply make the adjustment on your phone or tablet from anywhere you have mobile service or wifi.

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Ardmore, PA

The Ardmore installation went beautifully as planned. Because this was a multi-zone system, installation took a few days to complete. Compare that to the weeks (and mess) needed to install ductwork for a forced-air system.

Plus, there were added benefits that made this installation attractive: Generous rebates offered by PECO for upgrading their heating and air equipment as well as special manufacturer rebates offered by Bryant.

Now, the homeowner is enjoying quiet, controlled and custom heating and cooling designed to fit their specific needs. And you can too!

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