Mini Split Solves Heating & Cooling Problem In Blackwood, NJ Split-Level

Mini Split Solves Heating & Cooling Problem In Blackwood, NJ There are always surprises when you buy a new house. But, imagine one of them being no heating or cooling on the second floor!  That’s the problem our Blackwood, NJ homeowners faced after just a few months in their new home. A contractor who renovated the kitchen years before our new homeowners bought the house cut out a return duct leading to the second floor.  Problem: A previous contractor cut out a return duct during a renovation in this suburban split-level home. As a result, the upstairs got almost no heating or cooling whatsoever.  Solution: Installed a three-zone mini split heat and cool the entire home without redoing the ductwork. Now, there’s better comfort and more customization in each part of the house.  SELECT YOUR LOCAL INSTALLER DOWNLOAD MY PRODUCT GUIDE That meant almost no air could flow from that part of the house down to the furnace. The heating and cooling worked just fine on the first floor. But, without circulation upstairs, the bedrooms might as well not have any vents at all.  Our homeowners bought a few plug-in air conditioners — “window rattlers” as they called them — when the summer hit. But, by the end of the season, they knew they’d need a better solution for the winter.  But, what would it be?  Rerouting the ductwork would be expensive and require a lot of construction. The house wouldn’t look the same as when they bought it just a few months prior.  And, they’d spend all that money just to get “regular” heating and cooling again. You know, the type where your bedroom is still too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  So, they took a different route. Instead of reconstructing their old ducted system, our homeowners opted for a three-zone ductless mini split for their split-level home.  Installation would be fast and easy, and they’d get better comfort than they ever would have with traditional forced-air heating and cooling. In this case study, we’ll look explore:
  • How Ductless Works
  • Replacing Ductwork And Vents With A Mini Split
  • More Benefits Of Mini Split Heating And Cooling
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation In Blackwood, NJ
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How Ductless Works

As the name implies, ductless mini splits don’t require ductwork to heat and cool your home. That was the big selling point for our Blackwood, NJ homeowners.  But how does it work exactly?  The answer lies in the other part of the name: “mini split.”  These systems are “split” between indoor and outdoor units that don’t look as if they’re connected at all. Outside you have the heat pump, which is responsible for moving heat into your home in the winter and out of it in the summer.  In that way, it works similar to the standard AC condenser units you see outside houses. Except, it also works in “reverse,” bringing warmth into the house in the winter.  Inside, you’ll see air handlers in one or more rooms. Each one sucks in the air in the room, warms or cools it, and then recirculates it. That’s instead of sending the air to your furnace and central air in the basement, and then all the way back up.  But, how do the two work together? Simple: Flexible piping with refrigerant liquid running in a closed loop between the indoor and outdoor units. Heat warms or cools the liquid and travels between the components through that line. Now, let’s see what that looks like in action for our new homeowners.

Replacing Ductwork And Vents With A Mini Split

Of course, the advantage in this home was bypassing that broken ductwork. Instead of depending on the ducts to send air throughout the house, our installers ran lines through the walls to each air handler.  Then, all anyone sees is the air handlers mounted on a few walls throughout the house. There’s no extra construction to run a new return to the second floor and then build a wall around it.  After all, that’s why someone cut out that return in the first place: To make the first floor look nicer during a renovation. Adding ductwork and a new enclosure would ruin that.  As a result, the second floor finally got all the heating and cooling it needed. It’s even better than our homeowners expected!  Second floors are notoriously hard to heat and cool because a forced-air system loses pressure as air moves further from the furnace. So, the circulation is usually a little weaker upstairs than downstairs.  But, that’s not a problem with a mini split: All the circulation occurs right in the room.

More Benefits Of Mini Split Heating And Cooling

Along with solving the ductwork problems, our homeowners enjoy even more benefits with their new mini-split:
  • Customized Temperature In Every Room
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Control

Customized Temperature In Every Room

Each air handler has a built-in thermostat, which means our homeowners can set each part of the house to a different temperature. The best part? Keeping the AC at 64 degrees at night in the bedroom without freezing out the rest of the house.

Quiet Operation

With no air rushing through the house, and without a small AC shaking in the window, there’s virtually no sound from a ductless system. The result? True peace and quiet no matter what the temperature is outside.

Easy To Control

Our homeowners downloaded an app that lets them change the temperature whenever they want and from wherever they are. Even if they’re not home, they can adjust each thermostat from anywhere they have mobile service or a wi-fi signal.

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Blackwood, NJ

Would you believe it only took one day to completely overhaul the heating and cooling in this Blackwood, NJ home? That’s all it took to get this three-zone mini split installed here.  Once they called their contractor for a consultation, the team came out to look at the house and drew up a customized system. They’d put one air handler on the first floor — with an open-plan home, that’s all they needed for that entire space.  Then, they planned for two units upstairs, one in each bedroom.  When that was all set, they walked our homeowners through the job: Where they’d work, what they’d do, and how long it would take. Technically, they took just over a day: Since it was raining when they arrived, the installers returned the next day to finish connecting the power supply outside.  Still, the bulk of the work was done in just a few hours. And now, our homeowners enjoy a lifetime of comfort in their new home.  Do you want to learn more about mini splits? Or, are you ready to have a contactor create a customized setup for your home? Click below to schedule your free consultation.  DOWNLOAD MY PRODUCT GUIDE SELECT YOUR LOCAL INSTALLER