Ductless Mini Split Makes Pennsauken, NJ Sunroom A Year-Round Paradise

Ductless Mini Split Makes Pennsauken, NJ Sunroom A Year-Round Paradise

Problem: A Pennsauken, NJ family wanted to upgrade their sunroom into an all-season room. It was uncomfortable in the summer heat and humidity and bordered on frigid in the winter.
Solution: Installed a single-zone mini split cooling and heat system to supplement their current system. It keeps the sunroom at the perfect temperature in every season.

There is nothing more delightful than sitting in the sunshine, enjoying the view from your own sunroom. That is, unless the sunroom becomes too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Our Pennsauken, NJ homeowners realized that they were spending less and less time in a room they used to love. The summers seemed to be getting hotter and more humid, preventing them from sitting there at all.

And the winters in the sunroom were only comfortable for a couple of hours a day — and only if the sun was out.

The homeowners knew there had to be a better way to use this beautiful room with the spectacular views of the yard. And, after some research, they found it: ductless mini splits for sunrooms.

They discovered that the installation would be fast and easy without affecting the room’s layout or blocking any windows. Plus, they would have greater control over the room’s temperature.

In this case study we will explore:

  • How Ductless Heating And Cooling Works
  • Avoiding Installing Ductwork and Vents With A Mini Split
  • More Benefits of Mini Split Heating And Cooling
  • Ductless Mini Splits For Sunrooms

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How Ductless Heating And Cooling Works

While our homeowner’s existing system already had ductwork in place, they wouldn’t need to use what there or pay a ton of money to install more, in order to get year-round comfort in their sunroom.


Instead, the ductless system is a highly efficient design that “splits” the heating and cooling function into two compact components.

Outside you have the heat pump, which is responsible for moving heat into your home in the winter and out of it in the summer.

In that way, it works similarly to the standard AC condenser units that you see outside of houses. Except, it also works in “reverse” to bring warmth into the house in winter.

Inside, are air handlers in one or more rooms (in this case, they only needed one).. Each indoor unit draws in the air from the room, warms or cools it, and recirculates it.

Avoiding Ductwork and Vents With A Mini Split

The advantage of the mini split system is that the homeowner was able to completely eliminate the need for invasive and messy ductwork. That makes a sunroom installation much easier, and much more effective.

The genius behind ductless is that flexible piping with refrigerant liquid runs in a closed loop between the indoor and outdoor units. When heat warms the liquid, it travels between the two components.

That’s different from a traditional system where the air is sent all the way to your furnace and central air in the basement and then all the way back up.

The result? Moving heat without moving air — which means no need for ductwork and vents.

Instead, all anyone sees is the air handler mounted on a sunroom wall. It makes the room usable 365 days of the year. Now that is easy to live with!

More Benefits of Mini Split Heating And Cooling

Installing mini splits for sunrooms is easy, and the benefits don’t stop there! Our Pennsauken homeowners also enjoy:

  • Customized Temperature No Matter the Season
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Control

Customized Temperature No Matter the Season

The unobtrusive air handler works separately from the rest of the house thanks to a built-in thermostat. That means our homeowners can enjoy their beautiful sunroom oasis on even the hottest or coldest days.

And, they don’t have to rely on the thermostat inside. Since the rest of the house is more insulated, it has different heating and cooling needs than the sunroom. This way, each part of the home gets the right treatment.

Quiet Operation

Our homeowners were able to finally enjoy the winter sunshine and bright summer days in perfect peace and quiet! There’s no loud sound of air rushing through the vents as you get with forced-air heat and cooling, There’s no window-rattling window AC either! Instead, the air handler is whisper-quiet, even when it’s working at full speed.

Easy To Control

The mini split system connects to an app, so our homeowners can change the temperature whenever they want and from wherever they are! They can program temperature changes at different times of the day or make manual adjustments from their phone or tablets. It works anywhere with mobile or wifi service.

Ductless Mini Splits For Sunrooms in Pennsauken, NJ

Ductless mini split installations for sunrooms are fast and easy, and this one is Pennsauken, NJ was no exception! Since our homeowners were only installing a single mini split for sunrooms, the job was completed in less than a day.
Bryant Ductless In A Sunroom

The ductless mini split installers were clean and neat, taking extra care to avoid disrupting the family’s routine.

And, the cost of this ductless system was less upfront than expected!

The contractor helped our homeowners take advantage of Bryant heat pump rebates from the manufacturer, as well as PSE&G rebates for installing energy-efficient HVAC systems. These price breaks helped make it a more affordable alternative to forced air heat. And a much better choice than continuing to live without it.

Now this family enjoys quiet, custom heating and cooling designed to fit their needs. And you can too!

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