Mini Split Heating And Cooling In A Lancaster, PA Garage Workshop

Mini Split Heating And Cooling In A Lancaster, PA Garage Workshop
Problem: A Lancaster, PA home handyman wanted to make his garage workshop warmer in the winter. Space heaters didn’t work that well and cost too much to run. Solution: Installed a single-zone mini split ductless system. It heats the entire garage while using very little energy. It also provides cooling in the summer.



Every home do-it-yourselfer dreams of a workspace that they can call their own. Our Lancaster, PA home handyman had such a dream. While his garage workshop was certainly workable in most temperatures, it was too cold in the winter to do all of the things that he wanted to do. Summer time was better, but the humidity could get brutal. He’d often drag in a space heater, but that would only keep a small pocket of the area warm. And, it cost a ton to run for hours at a time. He also considered a small, hanging gas furnace, but the installation alone would cost a lot. Being the handyman that he was, our homeowner kept researching until he found the right solution: A mini split for his garage. He learned that the installation would be fast and easy and he’d pay less money to use it than other solutions. It would require very little construction or disruption, and when it was done he would have total control over the temperature in his workshop without affecting the rest of the house. In this case study we will explore:
  • How Ductless Works
  • Benefits of Mini Split Heating and Cooling
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation in Lancaster, PA
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How Ductless Works

As the name implies, ductless heating and cooling doesn’t require ductwork to heat or cool your home. That was important here, because there was no ductwork leading into our do-it-yourselfer’s garage. That meant no heat or AC at all out there. You may be asking how this system works with no ductwork. The answer is in the name. These systems are “split” between indoor and outdoor components that work together to provide you with heat or cooling whenever you need it. Outside you have the heat pump, which is responsible for moving heat into your home in the winter and out of it in the summer. Inside the house are air handlers that suck in air from the room and warms it or cools it – whatever is called for – and then recirculates it. You’ll install one in each part of the house you want to treat. In this case, our homeowner only needed a single-zone system: One heat pump outside and one air handler in the garage. The indoor and outdoor components work together using flexible piping with refrigerant liquid running in a closed loop between the two units. Heat warms or cools the liquid and travels between the components through the hidden piping. Since the system only moves heat and not air, there’s no need for adding ductwork — a costly, messy, and complex process. And, the benefits of a ductless system don’t stop there!

More Benefits of Mini Split Heating and Cooling

Creating a whole new all-season workshop wasn’t the only benefit for this homeowner. His new mini split also provides:
  • Customized Temperature Settings
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Control
  • Energy Efficiency

Customized Temperature Settings

With the dedicated thermostat on the air handler, our homeowner can adjust the heat in his workroom no matter what the project or temperature outside called for. He’s not relying on the thermostat in his house, which means the garage gets the exact treatment it needs without affecting any other parts of the house.

Quiet Operation

With virtually no air rushing through the system, and no need for noisy air conditioners, our customer keeps noise to a minimum. He’s not adding more noise along with his power tools. And, he has peace and quiet when he’s planning his next steps or projects. Plus, the lack of “rushing air” enabled our owner to paint and work on delicate finishes without fear of kicking up unwanted dust and debris.

Easy to Control

The system is supported by an app that allows our owner to regulate the temperature remotely. Our homeowner can heat or cool the shop in advance, enabling him to start work in total comfort. Plus, should he forget to turn off his system at the end of the day, a quick check on the phone or tablet allows him to check on the system and switch it off or on.

Energy Efficiency

This system hardly makes a dent on his electric bill! That’s because it transfers heat instead of burning fossil fuels to create it, which is a much less expensive process. And, it usually runs in a low-power mode that maintains a constant temperature. That requires less power than a furnace or central air that turns on and off a few times every hour.

Ductless Mini Split Installation in Lancaster, PA

This Lancaster, PA mini split installation went beautifully as planned. Because this was a single zone installation, The job only took a few hours, and our homeowner was back to work later the same day! Plus, his mini split installers helped keep the overall cost of the ductless system down. The system qualified for PPL rebates available to homeowners who install energy-efficient HVAC in their homes. And, the installer cut the price even further thanks to Bryant heat pump rebates direct from the manufacturer. Now the workshop is running efficiently and comfortably – the perfect environment for every project! To learn more about how these systems can solve your heating and cooling needs simply click below to schedule your free consultation.