Daikin Ductless Heating and Cooling in Philly Row Homes

Stop living in three different climates and break down that wall of heat that hits you when you walk up the stairs. Ductless mini splits offer Philadelphia’s rownhome owners state-of-the-art heating and cooling, especially older neighborhoods built before ductwork. Say goodbye to window ACs, and say hello to exceptional comfort and lower energy bills. 

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Take Back Your Windows

Remember when you could throw open a window on a cool night or a breezy day? But then you installed window air conditioners, and now you’ve forgotten what it looks like outside that window. With a ductless system, you turn them off and open your windows anytime you want. The best thing is, the sun shines through all the time, even when you need your system turned on.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Rooms

One of the biggest problems in rowhomes is the difference in temperature between floors. You could see a range of up to ten degrees between the first and second floor. And, that only gets worse with a trinity. The higher you go, the less effective the forced-air systems become.

Daikin ductless mini splits use a zoned system that regulates the temperature separately in each part of your home. If the bedrooms need a little more heat and AC, then those air handlers will keep working while the ones downstairs power down. Finally, you’ll have comfortable, even heating and cooling in every room of your home.

Quiet Comfort

Say goodbye to noisy window through-the-wall air conditioners! Daikin ductless does the job better — and quieter. Even at full power, the air handlers make about as much noise as leaves rustling outside. No matter how hot or cold it is outside, you can watch TV, sleep, or have a conversation while your mini-split works silently to keep you comfortable.

Supplement Your Radiators

People love radiators for toasty heat that doesn’t dry out the air like a furnace will. But they don’t always love how long it takes for a room to heat up. Or the temperature differences across the house. With ductless, you can add a little extra heating to complement those classic radiators. And, that same ductless system eliminates the need for loud, inefficient window AC units in the summer.