Ductless Mini Split Heating And Cooling Helps You Electrify Your Home

Ductless Mini Split Heating And Cooling Helps You Electrify Your Home

More Americans than ever are electrifying their homes. It’s the best way to pay less every month on their monthly bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and become less reliant on their local utility company and the global marketplace for their home’s energy needs. The biggest hurdle? Heating and cooling. 

It’s not easy because your HVAC system uses more power than other appliances. Recent reports show some homeowners will pay more than $700 a month to keep their homes warm in early 2021. And, air conditioning accounts for 16 percent of our country’s total electricity usage

That must mean it’s impossible to truly go electric without sacrificing comfort or changing your family’s lifestyle to use far less electricity, right? 

Not anymore. 

Thanks to advances in heat pump technology, you can now heat and cool your home all year with a ductless mini-split. They use a fraction of the power that any conventional electric heaters require. And far fewer resources than a comparable gas, propane, or oil furnace.


When you go ductless, you take a giant step toward your home being self-reliant, environmentally friendly, and far less expensive to maintain. 

It all works because heat pumps only transfer heat, or thermal energy, from one place to another. Believe it or not, there’s enough heat outside, even in the winter, to keep your home warm. 

All your heat pump has to do is move that thermal energy into your house. Today’s models work even in freezing, sub-zero temperatures. And, thanks to inverter technology,they use even less energy and more your home more comfortable than traditional heaters and ACs.


It’s much less resource-intensive than burning fossil fuels to generate that heat. You only need a little bit of power to run the process. As a result, mini split use less electricity than conventional models.

And, if you already have solar panels, it’s possible to go off the grid completely. That’s right: a mini-split requires so little electricity that a large residential array can provide all the power your appliances need. 

Imagine being warm and cozy all winter. And cool and comfortable all summer. And never paying a dime to your electric company for it. 

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