Electrify Your Home With Mini Split Heating and Cooling

Did you know that your heating and cooling systems use the most energy out of all the appliances in your home? Air conditioning alone accounts for over 15% of the nation’s electricity usage. Heating can amount to nearly half.

And, with energy prices increasing again, even homeowners in temperate climates like the Mid-Atlantic region can now expect to spend up to $746 a month to stay warm in the winter.

Fortunately, this is a trend we can reverse. Thanks to technological advancements, ductless mini split heating and cooling systems are now more energy-efficient and clean than ever before.

The modern heat pump technology behind today’s mini splits is both energy-efficient and clean. That makes it easy to switch from gas, oil, or other resources to electricity and renewable energy.


Heat Transfer And Inverter Technology

Traditional heating and cooling systems burn fossil fuels to generate heat. Instead, ductless mini splits transfer thermal energy from outside to keep homes warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. It only needs a small amount of power to run the system. The process is cleaner and more efficient than combustion.

And, thanks to Inverter technology in the heat pumps, these systems provide energy-efficient heating and cooling that always stays within a degree of the thermostat settings.

The Inverter technology adjusts the compressor speed so the system can maintain a consistent temperature. This process conserves energy by not using extra power to shut off completely and turn on again at full speed multiple times an hour.

Thanks to heat transfer and Inverter technology, you’ll pay far less with heat pump than gas, oil, propane or traditional electric heat in the winter.

Mini Splits And Renewable Energy

Combining your mini split heat pump system with solar power helps you reduce your carbon footprint further and achieve energy independence by not relying on the grid to heat and cool your home.

You’ll avoid rising electricity prices, “dirty” energy or power surges, and blackouts during natural disasters or peak demand times. And you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of using renewable energy sources and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.