Energy Rebates And Financing Options For Bryant Mini Split Installation


Excellent comfort is more affordable than ever thanks to federal rebates for mini splits, tax credits, local utility rebates, manufacturer promotions, and special financing opportunities!

Your Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer will help you save as much as possible, and here’s a look at how they’ll do it.

Federal Tax Credits

The IRS offers up to $500 in nonrefundable tax credits to homeowners who install energy-efficient HVAC systems in their homes. All Bryant mini-split heat pump systems meet the efficiency requirements.

It’s a one-time credit and can offset your tax burden (you won’t get a refund). All you have to do is fill out IRS Form 5695 when you do your taxes. There’s more information on the IRS website.

Rebates From Your Electric Company

Yes, you read that right: Your electric company will give you money when you install appliances that use less electricity! Once again, Bryant ductless systems meet the energy efficiency requirements to take advantage of these opportunities. Depending on your provider, you can save a few hundred dollars, or even a thousand or more. 

Federal mandates over the last few years have required energy companies to incentivize people to use less natural resources. And, it works out for the utility company, because less wear and tear on the grid means less they pay for infrastructure repairs and maintenance. For you, that means paying less for great home comfort! 

The offers vary from provider to provider. You can find yours depending on where you live:


Bryant Promotional Offers

You can save even more money with promotions and offers directly from the manufacturer! Your Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer will help you make the most of any specials that are currently running or scheduled for later in the year. And, they’ll ensure all your paperwork is in order to claim those tax credits and utility rebates we mentioned before. 

Financing And Payments

The final step toward making your home both comfortable and affordable is choosing a payment plan that’s easy and manageable for you! And, once again, your Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer is there to help! They’ll guide you to the best financing options and payment schedules to fit your budget.

The Savings Don’t Stop There!

What’s even better than spending less than you thought on your new mini-split? How about paying less than ever each month for the best heating and cooling your home has ever had? 

That’s what you get with our energy-efficient ductless systems. In most cases, you can expect a full return on your investment in about five years. By then, the difference in your monthly utility bills should equal the amount you paid for your mini-split in the first place.