Bryant Ductless Heat Pump Installations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

Are there rooms in your house that are too cold?

Bryant Ductless Systems are not your father’s heat pump. Modern heat pump technology provides hot heat even during the coldest winters here in the mid-Atlantic. Replacing inefficient electric baseboard and older heat pumps can help reduce energy bills and increase comfort.

From a single room to your entire home, Bryant Ductless Heat Pumps enable your contractor to design the perfect custom solution. Bryant’s inverter technology uses a fraction of the energy to maintain the perfect temperature all the time. To see if ductless is the right fit for your home, contact your local Bryant dealer today.


Single-Zone Bryant Ductless Heat Pump Installations

Bryant Ductless Heat Pumps Slash the Energy Use in this State College, PA Home

Problem: This 1,400-square-foot home in State College, PA had a window air conditioner that never adequately cooled the second floor and cost a lot of money to operate.

Solution: Installing a Bryant ductless mini-split upstairs and adding a coil to the primary system dramatically improved the overall comfort in the home while slashing energy use by more than 30%.

Heating and Cooling a Home Addition With a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Problem: Our Bellmawr, NJ homeowner had an addition/family room that had no ductwork. A window air conditioner provided noisy, uneven, and inefficient cooling, and the room was very chilly in winter.

Solution: A single-zone ductless heat pump now provides impeccable comfort all year long and it’s so quiet, our customers can barely tell when the system is running.

Heating and Cooling the Room Above the Garage in New Castle, DE

Problem: Our New Castle, DE homeowners wanted to convert an unused attic space above their garage into a playroom for their grandchildren, but the space had no heating or cooling.

Solution: Installed a single-zone ductless mini split with a floor-mounted air handler. It provides perfect comfort all year without adding more ductwork.

Ductless Transforms a Front Porch in Haddon Heights, NJ

Problem: The homeowners front porch served as their children’s playroom, but it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, so they were only able to use it about six months of the year.

Solution: They chose a single-zone ductless mini split with a floor-mounted air handler and now the whole family is out there all year long!


Multi-Zone Bryant Ductless Heat Pump Installations

Mini-Split Solves Heating & Cooling Problem in Blackwood, NJ Split-Level

Problem: A previous contractor cut out a return duct during a renovation in this suburban split-level home. As a result, the upstairs got almost no heating or cooling whatsoever. 

Solution: Installed a three-zone mini split heat and cool the entire home without redoing the ductwork. Now, there’s better comfort and more customization in each part of the house.

Replacing a Ducted HVAC System with Bryant Multi-Zone Ductless Splits

Problem: Our Society Hill homeowner needed to replace his aging Bryant central air and gas furnace. In an effort to solve issues around cold spots and hot spots, he asked Synergy3 to come in to present some options.

Solution: He decided to go with a multi-zone ductless heat pump system from Bryant and now every room is comfortable all year long.

Replacing a Forced Air HVAC System with Multi-Zone Ductless Splits

Problem: When the school needed to replace their forced hot air gas furnace, they looked for a way to reduce their overall energy costs while replacing their aging central air conditioner at the same time.

Solution: After doing extensive research, the school’s board of directors decided on a multi-zone ductless mini-split system. G&G Mechanical, their longtime HVAC advisor, recommended a Bryant ductless system and they love it.

“Ducted” Ductless Solves Heating and Cooling Issues in a Master Suite

Problem: The homeowner in this beautiful custom home was not happy with the heating and cooling in a couple of her bedrooms. The original system design just wasn’t quite enough for the space in the home.

Solution: A ductless system with a ducted air handler to move the conditioned air was all that was necessary to fix the nagging comfort issues. Now her sons’ bedrooms are comfortable all year long.