Mini Split Solves Comfort Issue In Room Over Garage In Mt. Laurel, NJ

Mini Split Solves Comfort Issue In Room Over Garage In Mt. Laurel, NJ

Problem: The “bonus” room over the garage in a Mt. Laurel, NJ home was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The other rooms in the house were fine.
Solution: A single zone- ductless mini split created cool comfort in summer and supplemental heat in winter.

The room over the garage in a split-level homes always looks like an attractive “bonus” space. You can use it as an extra bedroom, home office, or playroom.

But when that room is tough to cool in the summer and heat in the winter – then that space might as well not exist.

That was the case with our Mt. Laurel, MJ family. They quickly discovered that their room over the garage was not always the most comfortable spot in the house.

Since the room was over the garage, it didn’t get extra heat from the room below it. In fact, the uninsulated, unheated space underneath meant the bonus room got extra cold in the winter.

Meanwhile, it’s also the furthest from the furnace and central air system. As a result, the circulation in this room is the weakest in the house: The air pressure from the forced-air system gets weaker the further it travels.

So, the room was uncomfortable and humid in the summer. Winter heating wasn’t as bad — as long as our homeowners wore heavy sweaters and hats.

But they loved this space and just could not see it going unused. So, they did their research and enlisted the help of a Bryant home heating specialist to help them solve their problem.

After a quick assessment, our homeowner decided to install a single-zone, ductless mini split system to help them cool and heat this space.

The installation would be quick and easy. And, much less expensive and less invasive than running additional ductwork or installing another furnace closer to the space. Plus they would have greater control over the temperature in this room without affecting the rest of the house.

We’ll cover how that all came about in this case study. In particular, we’re focusing on:

  • How Ductless Works
  • More Benefits of Mini Split Heating and Cooling
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation in Mt. Laurel, NJ

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How Ductless Works

Our homeowner’s existing system already had ductwork in place, the distance from AC coil and furnace was too far to provide adequate heating and cooling in the bonus room. But,.as the name implies, their new ductless mini splits wouldn’t rely on that system at all.

By contrast, the ductless system is a highly-efficient design that “splits” the heating and cooling function into two compact components.

The process starts with an outdoor heat pump that moves heat into the house in the winter and out of it in the summer. In that way, it works similarly to the standard AC condenser units that you see outside of houses. Except, it also works in “reverse” to bring warmth into the house in winter.

Inside, is an air handler that draws in air from the room it’s treating. This unit then warms or cools the air and blows it back out.

That’s different from a traditional system where the air is sent all the way to your furnace and central air in the basement and then all the way back up.

Instead, the indoor and outdoor components are connected with flexible piping that runs refrigerant liquid in a loop between them. The refrigerant attracts heat, and when it gets warmed up, that heat travels through the system with the liquid.

This way, it can send heat to the exact spot in the house that needs it. Or it can remove excess warmth from the same place. And, it works on its own without relying on the rest of the home’s HVAC system.

More Benefits of Mini Split Heating And Cooling

Solving the cooling and heating problem of a remote room was not the only benefit that this homeowner enjoyed by installing a ductless mini split. There’s also:

  • Customized Temperature Control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy, Convenient Controls

Customized Temperature Setting

Our homeowners can custom set the temperature of this room without affecting — or relying on — the rest of the house. And when the room isn’t in use, they adjust the settings to save energy.

Quiet Operation

With virtually no air rushing through the system and no need for noisy air conditioners that block out light, our homeowners can enjoy this room in peace and quiet!

Easy to Control

The mini split’s thermostat connects to an app. This way, our homeowners can change the temperature settings or program a schedule from anywhere they have internet or wifi service.

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Mt. Laurel, NJ

This Mt. Laurel, NJ mini split installation was a slam dunk! Because this was a single zone, the ductless mini split installers were able to finish the work in a few hours. And, they didn’t need to knock through walls or rearrange the layouts in any of the rooms.

Once it’s running, our homeowners don’t see much of a change in their electric bill. And, they even managed to save some money up front as well!

Their contractor clued them into Bryant heat pump rebates, so they saved money direct from the manufacturer. And, they took advantage of PSE&G rebates for installing an energy-efficient HVAC system.

Now the homeowners enjoy the full use of their room over the garage no matter what the temperature is outside. Plus the quiet, easy-to-operate Bryant system gives them all the convenience that they have been looking for.

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